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At STABLE Orthodontics, our mission is to construct smiles that look and feel great! Dr. Tauber takes a modern approach to tooth movement by combining state-of-the-art 3D technology and customized treatment planning.

We love working with children, teens, and adults because you deserve a beautiful smile at every age! We create a seamless experience by offering same-day appointments, extended hours, private treatment rooms, and welcoming transfer patients. Dr. Tauber also offers virtual appointments making it easy to stay on track with orthodontic treatment from home. You’ll feel at ease with your oral health care when you join the STABLE Family.

Academics & Training

  • University of Georgia
    Bachelor of Science
  • University of North Carolina
    Doctor of Dental Surgery
  • University of Oklahoma
    Master of Science in Orthodontics &
    Certificate in Orthodontics
  • American Board of Orthodontics

professional Memberships

  • College of Diplomates of the American Board of Orthodontics
  • American Association of Orthodontists
  • Southern Association of Orthodontists
  • Director, Georgia Association of Orthodontists
  • American Dental Association
  • Georgia Dental Association

How we use technology to create smiles that last

Get to Know The Stable Difference

At STABLE Orthodontics, we are dedicated to giving our patients a stellar experience when delivering our "STABLE SMILES". We invest in the latest orthodontic technology to ensure that your consultation, treatment planning, and time spent with us is as comfortable as possible. With Dr. Tauber’s skillful care and our advanced equipment, we are able to deliver exceptional results for every patient, every time.

3D Xrays

Unlike traditional x-rays, our 3D x-ray machine allows us to take images of your entire mouth and head in one scan rather than a few teeth at a time. This machine provides lower amounts of total radiation exposure to you or your child while providing the highest quality digital images. This is useful for studying the jaws and the position of the teeth relative to one another, and it gives Dr. Tauber a more thorough, accurate view of your mouth. With this equipment, we are able to diagnose orthodontic issues with accuracy and develop a treatment plan that addresses everything you or your child needs.

3D Scanner

Our 3D intraoral scanner provides increased accuracy for treatment planning and creating clear aligners without the goop and gag! In one quick scan, we can take highly detailed pictures of teeth and tissue. Dr. Tauber is passionate about eliminating messy, goopy impressions that create a negative experience for you or your children. With the digital scanner, this appointment will be quicker and much more pleasant.

Custom Fit Braces

At STABLE Orthodontics, you have the option to use custom fit braces, built just for you! Traditional braces use a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment. It works, but it requires more adjustments and guesswork by your orthodontist and results in a lot more time in braces. But with custom fit braces, your treatment is customized to your unique anatomy. Custom fit braces are put on all at one time and treatment is completed with fewer adjustments. What does this mean for you? It means less time in braces, less time away from school or work, and more time loving your new smile, faster than ever before!

Laser Gum Therapy

Dr. Tauber recognizes that smiles include more than just the teeth. It is the gums which provide the frame for the artwork that is your teeth; together the gums and teeth produce a beautiful smile. If you have had braces removed and the gums have grown over the teeth, or if your teeth are hidden by thick gum tissue, we can help you with our soft tissue laser used specifically for gum reshaping to leave you with a smile full of teeth.

White Spot Removal

Sometimes, imperfections are seen on the teeth in the form of white spots. These can come from disruption in tooth formation, trauma, or poor oral hygiene. In the past, the only way to treat these white spot lesions involved shots, drilling, and dental work. Dr. Tauber provides an easier alternative to treating these spots. ICON treatment is an innovative and painless way to erase the spots without the need for a highly invasive dental procedure. ICON is also suitable for children. We can't wait to show you the changes!

Teeth Whitening

When patients get their braces off, the last step in creating a smile that pops is whitening the teeth. At STABLE Orthodontics, we offer tooth whitening that will leave you saying "Wow!" when you see the result. You can even enroll in our whitening membership plan to maintain your white smile year-round! Whitening is the perfect finish to you new straight teeth. Now that’s the STABLE Difference!

3D Radiographs

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3D Intraoral Scanner

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Custom Fit Brackets

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What Sets our office Apart

Our office boasts the latest in orthodontic technology. We are able to streamline services with digital imaging and impressions. Our amenities paired with our team’s expertise in orthodontia guarantees a wonderful experience and bigger smiles all around!

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