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The Kid Corral Program for Rising Smiles welcomes children of all ages who are friends of Stable Orthodontics and our local community. By becoming a Kid Corral Member, you’ll get VIP access to office events and stay informed about when your child needs to be seen for an exam or get started with orthodontic treatment. And the best part is the Kid Corral Program is completely free! We can’t wait to have you join. Giddy up!

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Complimentary Exam at age 7 and Checkups

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What to expect at your initial exaM?

  • Pictures
  • X-rays
  • Oral Exam
  • Recommendation about your child’s teeth and growth

What to look for at the Initial Exam?

  • Presence of thumb or finger sucking habit
  • Presence of tongue thrust habit
  • Signs of a traumatic bite causing damage to teeth or gums
  • Signs of missing or extra teeth
  • Permanent teeth that need eruption guidance
  • Jaw growth abnormalities that need correction
  • Crowded teeth that need to have room created
  • Opportunities to help improve confidence and self-esteem

Scheduling your first exam can help prevent:

  • Permanent tooth blockage (impaction)
  • Extraction of permanent teeth
  • Abnormal face growth
  • Airway narrowing and resulting health issues
  • Future jaw surgery
  • Uneven wear, damage, or even loss of permanent teeth
  • Abnormal speech development

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