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At Stable Orthodontics, we are proud supporters of living an active lifestyle and competing in athletics. Just as a helmet protects your head and shin guards protect your legs, wearing a mouthguard is the best way to minimize injuries to your mouth and teeth. Therefore, every time you gear up to compete, we want to help you Guard Your Smile.

Whether you choose to enroll your child or their entire team in our Guard Your Smile Program, Dr. Tauber is excited to help serve you both on and off the field!

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Which mouthguard is right for me?

Mix of baby teeth and permanent teeth

Universal mouthguard provided by an orthodontist.

-This is so the mouthguard can be worn even as baby teeth are lost and permanent teeth erupt.

All permanent teeth

Custom fit mouthguard made by an orthodontist. 

-A custom mouthguard fits your teeth perfectly and are less likely to come out when playing sports.

Teeth that are in braces

Braces-specific mouthguard provided by an orthodontist.

-These mouthguards have specially designed slots around your braces and provide a snug fit.

Did you know

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You are 60x more likely to have an injury to your tooth or jaws if you are not wearing a mouthguard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For which sports should my child be wearing a mouthguard?

Any contact sport, sports that include a risk of falling, sports that have a risk of being hit in the face, or sports that have a high incidence of clenching the teeth. Some examples include soccer, basketball, football, baseball, softball, hockey, lacrosse, cheerleading, field hockey, wrestling, martial arts, rugby, volleyball, water polo, and weight lifting.


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